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Discussion Forums Channels & Widget

The Forums Channel includes discussion forums.  By clicking on the Quick Link on the right you can see the HowDidiDo, General and Your Club's forum.

  • The 'HowdidIdo' forum relates to this website and it's services.  All registered users may view or add comments in this forum.  However, only System Administrators can create new 'Subjects'.  If you would like to suggest a new subject, please post a comment to the 'Suggestions' section.
  • The 'Public' forum is available to all registered users.  All users are welcome to add 'Subjects' and 'Comments' for general discussion.
  • The 'Your Club' forum can only be viewed by registered users from your club. Use this forum to discuss subjects relating specifically to your club.

Users should not submit any material which may be considered offensive or defamatory. Please report any occurrences of offensive material using the contact form.

Users should not use or attempt to use these forums for any commercial activity or income generation.

Please try and keep the content of the forums relative to each 'Subject' and 'Forum'.

The Forums Widget displays the most recent posts from the 3 forums. It can be configured to display between 1 and 5 posts from whichever one you choose.

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