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My Golf - Channel & Widget

The My Golf Channel details your personal golf.  By clicking on the Quick Link on the right you can see your HowDidiDo handicap record.  This will include all the data uploaded from your club plus any extra social rounds added by you.  From here Gold Members can embellish their scores and view their statistics.

The channel includes;

  1. Certificate – This feature is only available if your golf club has allowed Player verification. If they have you will need to be a verified Member of HowDidiDo before you can Download and print a Certificate.  In many cases this process is automatic, please click here find out more.
  2. Record Sheet – This is the Handicap record sheet published by the club together with any extra rounds you have added.  Here you can choose to embellish your rounds of golf by detailing the type of shoots taken at every hole.
  3. Graphical Views – Here you can see a representation of each hole played on each course at you home club.  Shown as a pie chart split into Eagles, Birdies, Pars etc.
  4. Statistical Comparisons – Click to see a comparison of your rounds against all recorded at your club or all HowDidiDo clubs.  Over 11 million rounds are stored here.
  5. Add Rounds/Courses – Here you can add rounds of golf not processed by your clubs computer software, for example social rounds at your home or other clubs.
  6. Competition Booking – This feature is one that needs to have verification switched on by your club.  If clubs choose they can offer online, live competition booking on this site. It’s completely free of charge to both the club and golfer.  Please click here find out more about verification.

The Widget includes;

  1. Recent history of your playing record - As published by your golf club.  It can be configured to display between 1 and 5 rounds.
  2. A current graph of your hanidcap over time.
  3. Start Sheets - Any start sheet published by the club for Live Competition Booking (see above)

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