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Since last summer HDiD have been publishing a weekly golf skills blog in partnership with Mizuno Golf. Our resident Pro, Neil Clarkson, brings his years of experience as a PGA Professional to the HowDidiDo golfing community in a weekly blog post and video illustrating some fundamentals of the game and incrementally revealing some Pro secrets.

The response so far has been great with over 175,000 page views in the first 12 months, that is an average of 14, 500 a month, with some weeks seeing over 7,000 visits. These figures outstrip our early expectations and we are hoping to grow even more in the next year, with some fantastic improvements and expansions in the pipeline.

We want to encourage your feedback and involvement so let us know what you think of the first year of the HDiD Golf Academy. Comment on the blog, or on video, or send a mail to

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