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Member Verification

Some features of HowDidiDo will require clubs to enabling `verification`.  This means that we will need to check the identity of members.  At present this is required for the printing of online CONGU handicap certificates and online competition booking.

A member is verified in one of three ways, the first two require an email address to be recorded at the club for that member.  Either in the handicap or in the CLUB2000 membership database.  
  1. If the email address held at the club and the one used to register to HowDidiDo match, the player is automatically verified.
  2. If the email addresses don’t match, we can email the verification code to the email address that the club has recorded for that member.  Entering that code from the email will verify the member.
  3. If the email is not received or an address is not present, then the member can request (though HowDidiDo) a printed handicap certificate and collect it from the club.  Then they can input the verification code printed on that.  They will then be verified.
Please note that your club may simply not have switched this facility on, please contact your handicap secreatary if you wish to use this service.

Club Systems or HowDidiDo can not over ride your clubs wishes.

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