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Hugo Boss

The Hugo Boss/HowDidiDo hole-in-one reward programme has proved a major success and we are fast approaching 1000 watches given away to golfers that score an ace in a qualifying club competition. The reward programme continues and Hugo Boss expect to give away more than 3000 watches before we get to the end of the golfing season. Check out the site at and make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the competition.

Some stats about the Hugo Boss/HowDidiDo Hole-in-one reward programme

•             Men are proving 30% more likely than women to get a hole in one (even though playing from longer tees)

•             Scottish golfers are the most dead-eyed

•             Irish ladies are proving more than twice as likely to get a hole in one as Welsh ladies

•             Total competitors ="2.04" million (in all eligible competitions)

•             Total unique competitors ="467,446" (in all eligible competitions)

•             1 in every 47 comps yields a HIO

•             Odds of winning are less than 2,000:1 (1,857 rounds for each HIO)

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